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Providing safe and professional placenta encapsulation in Waco, TX, 

We're all about choice! YOU choose where you'd like the processing to happen- in your home, over two days, or in our work space.

We place the utmost priority on safety.

We're all about choice! YOU choose where you'd like the processing to happen- in your home, over two days, or in our specialist's work space.

Our placenta encapsulation specialist has completed an OSHA-approved Blood Borne Pathogen and Infection Control Training and holds a Texas Food Handler's Certificate.

We practice proper transportation and refrigeration protocol at all times.

We always wear protective gear (mask, goggles, hair coverings, gloves, aprons, booties, etc.) to protect the integrity of your placenta.

We use only approved cleaning agents including a concentrated bleach solution and hospital-grade disinfectants.

We only process one placenta at a time so there's never any risk of cross-contamination or confusion.

Placenta Encapsulation- $200

includes pick up and delivery of placenta, capsules, cord keepsake and an archival quality print

Quality is never sacrificed.

At Birth Waco, we use only the best ingredients.

Placenta Capsules with Cord Keepsake.jpg

Non-GMO, preservative & additive-free capsules.

Our jars are shatter-proof, BPA-free plastic or glass.

We never dilute the potency of your placenta with herbs or spices.

We utilize the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) inspired preparation meaning we always steam your placenta to a food-safe temp before dehydrating and putting it into capsule form.  This helps ensure you receive the safest product available.

We use triple distilled, 100-proof vodka for all of our tinctures.

Our placenta prints are done using archival-quality watercolor paper allowing for attention to detail not found with canvas prints. **Check out Doula Barb's work on HuffPo! 


Still have questions? 

Check out our Placenta Encapsulation FAQ page!