Prepare for Your Best Birth with private, in-home classes offered exclusively by Birth Waco.

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Your Best Birth is a one-day comprehensive childbirth education course designed to help you feel confident and prepared for the birth of your child. 

Our instructor presents the most up-to-date evidence-based information and teaches hands-on skills you and your partner can use to help you achieve Your Best Birth!

Topics Include...

  • Birth Basics- Understanding the How & Why.
  • Building a Birth Team- Set yourself up for success!

  • Optimal Fetal Positioning for an easier labor.

  • End of Pregnancy Tests and Procedures- What to expect and how to navigate your options as you near your birthing day.

  • Writing a Birth Plan- Learn how to effectively communicate your wishes to your care provider and how to plan for the unexpected.

  • Induction & Common Interventions- Learn how these tools and the choices you make regarding their use will impact your labor.

  • Labor Sights & Sounds- A thorough break-down of each stage of labor, including what to expect for the laboring woman and her partner.

  • Hands-On Comfort Measures- Learn hands-on techniques for managing pain during labor.  We share our favorite tricks with you!

  • Breastfeeding Basics- An in-depth look at latch, positioning, how to know your baby is getting enough milk as well as a look at common obstacles and how to avoid and overcome them.

  • Tips and Tricks for the 4th Trimester- Practical, fact-based information and a few parenting hacks to make your life easier as you settle in with your new baby.

We attended Your Best Birth Class and we left feeling fully prepared and confident to have our baby boy, my husband especially. He was a little unsure he would be able to provide the right support for me, and after attending the class he felt much more comfortable and confident. Well worth it!